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Exceptional dispensation has been granted to a priest (licensed or with PTO in this diocese) to celebrate the Eucharist without a congregation during the course of the present restrictions.  At 10am on Sunday Morning I propose to celebrate communion here in the Rectory for the foreseeable future.

During that time I will be holding you all in my heart and prayers.  May I ask that you also pause from your activities at that time and join me in praying for ourselves, our church, community, nation and world. The Church of England website contains a number of prayer resources and links to live streamed services.




Lent 5 - Sunday 29 March 2020

John 11:1-45 – Jesus Raises Lazarus

A man was having a conversation with God. The man said, “God, how long is a million years to you?” God said, “A million years is like a second." The man asked, “How much is a million pounds to you?” God said, “A million pounds is like a penny.” The man said, “Could you spare a penny?” God said, “Of course, just wait a second.”

God’s time has a different perspective from our time. Just as we dislike waiting to be served in shops, in lines of traffic so waiting on God can be the hardest part. Sometimes we all get tired of waiting for God’s promises to come to pass or we get confused about how it is all going to take place. We know that God needs to teach us to wait, but we want him to hurry up and do it.

The New Testament uses two Greek words for time – chronos (length) and kairos (right moment).
Both are in God’s hands - for how long and at what time. We can be patient because time is on God’s side, and God makes everything beautiful in His time.

We are used to living a fast-paced lifestyle where the tendency is sometimes to view time as working against us. How often do we say ‘there are not enough hours in the day’ or, “the months are flying by”?

We go for fast food, motorways to reach our destination quicker and if something breaks we buy new rather than take the time to try and mend it. If we don’t receive an immediate response to an e mail or text we start fretting. Similarly, we want a shortcut in our spiritual growth.

But our God is a patient God  Many times in the Old Testament. He is described as “slow to anger”. And in the New Testament Jesus also demonstrated exceptional patience even though his followers, the disciples, often lacked understanding of his teachings, slow to believe, sometimes self-centered and foolish. He has only three years to make them ready to take his message into the world but we hardly ever read of Jesus being in a hurry. In fact, when he is asked to visit the sickbed of his friend Lazarus he deliberately delayed the journey and consequently arrived after his death. Why are you late?” Martha asked Jesus. “If you had arrived earlier, Lazarus might not have died.” She had a plan in mind, but so did Jesus. And they were different.

We often feel that we are the ones waiting for God. In our vastly limited vision God seems slow, but in reality, He is keeping perfect timing. There is a purpose for the apparent “delay” and it is good. Martha and Mary witnessed it first hand, when Lazarus walked out of the tomb. God’s delays are not necessarily God’s denials. He just does things differently!

An artist visiting a friend found her crying because she had just ruined a beautiful handkerchief that had great sentimental value to her. There was a spot of indelible ink on it. The friend asked her to let him have the handkerchief and said, “Give me time with it.” A few days later, he sent it back. When she opened the package she could hardly believe her eyes. The artist, using the inkblot as a base, had drawn on it a beautiful design. Now it was more beautiful and valuable than ever.

Sometimes the thing that breaks our hearts becomes the basis for a more beautiful outcome in our lives. Be patient with the setbacks over which we have no control. In God’s hands they can be turned into something beautiful.

This week we have been trying to get accustomed to yet more difficult changes to our routines. We are confined to our homes for the majority of the day. Our schools, business and even our churches are now closed.

Our lives are continuing at a different pace. Yes I am lucky as I have David (and Bob and Lulu) here with me but I am missing the cups of tea and chats with you in your homes, the hugs at the Church door and so my heart goes out to those of you who are self-isolating aone.

We are told this situation will last for three weeks but in reality we don’t know for how long. I read somewhere “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. The wait is not a waste of time. God works even in the waiting rooms of our lives.”

Henri Nouwen said that all his life two voices competed inside him. One encouraged him to succeed and achieve, while the other called him simply to rest in the comfort that he was the beloved of God. Only in the latter half of his life did he truly listen to the second voice.

While we wait let us patiently listen more to the second voice. For God is working in us, in our community, in our nation and in the world.

God Bless

Rev Sally x



Food Bank Donations at St Bartholomew’s

Thank you for your generous donations to the Food Bank. The Chichester Diocese Family Support Work team are now working hard to distribute boxes of necessities (and a few treats) to vulnerable families in our area. In order to help them replenish their stocks we are continuing to provide a collection point at St Bartholomew’s.

If you are passing the church whilst taking your daily exercise you can leave any donations in the basket in the porch. . (Please ensure you maintain the safe distancing instructions and wash your hands as soon as you are able)

Non-perishable foodstuffs, nappies, baby wipes, toiletries, sanitary and cleaning products would all be most gratefully received. Financial donations can also be made via the FSW website familysupportwork.org/get-involved/donate.    

God bless you all and keep you safe.

Rev Sally


Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches

In line with Government instructions our church is now closed.

Rev Sally will continue to say Morning and Evening Prayer at the Rectory at 9am and 5pm. She asks you to join with her from you own homes in praying for our community, our nation and our world.

If you need to speak to a Priest please telephone or e mail Rev Sally 01435 882301


God Bless you all. 



 Parish Safegaurding notice12.1905/12/19

If you are unfamiliar with any of our services we hope these notes will be of  use to you and that we will be able to welcome you into our Parish family:


Our normal* service pattern is as follows :

  • Every Sunday at 8am – Holy Communion - a traditional said celebration of the Eucharist taken from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) 
  • 1st Sunday of each month at 10.00- Family Service- a short service aimed at families to come along to worship and have fun. Children and young people are encouraged to actively participate.. Coffee is served afterwards.  
  • 1st Sunday of each month at 6pm- Evensong – a traditional evening service as set out in the Book of Common prayer. The service includes readings, psalms and hymns 
  • 2nd Sunday of each month at 10am - Matins - a traditional morning  service as set out in the Book of Common prayer. The service includes readings, psalms and hymns. 
  • 3rd Sunday (& 5th if applicable) of each month at 10am - Family Communion – using a version of Common Worship liturgy which reflects the richness and variety of worship which is available for use Sunday by Sunday. Coffee is served afterwards. 
  • 4th Sunday of each month at 10am - Parish Communion - a celebration of the Eucharist using Common Worship which uses more modern language together with additional readings and hymns

  • Also on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month our Sunday Club meets during the main 10am service at the Rectory from 9.45am. The Sunday Club then normally join the Church Family in the Church at 10.45am. Please contact Celia Merchant or one of the Sunday Club Leaders for more details.

At all our services there are facilities for pre school children.Toys & books are always available in our Childrens Corner.

*Please check for changes to service patterns in the Burwash Village Magazine each month or on our website.


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